About the Microalgae Road Map

Beginning in June 2022 and extending through February 2023, Ocean Visions worked with experts from multiple disciplines, sectors, and geographies to identify the state of technology, carbon removal potential, environmental and social impacts, knowledge gaps, and first-order priorities around microalgae-based approaches for carbon dioxide removal. Importantly, this map identifies commonalities and differences across microalgae pathways to spur innovation and adoption of ideas across disciplines.

Through these road maps, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, and others will be able to collaborate across the globe on specific challenges and opportunities related to technology development, field testing, governance, finance, and public support for microalgae-based CDR—all grounded in an evidence-based, precautionary approach.


This road map was created with collaboration and input from 77 individuals in 11 countries comprising an international group of scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, policy-analysts, and social-scientists. Participants attended workshops, provided comments on early written drafts, and provided counsel to Ocean Visions as we developed this road map.

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Majeed Alrefaie
Wokil Bam
Catherine Berner
Hannah Blossom
St. apleton Bosaletse
Nanette Boyle
Ken Buesseler
Juan Pablo Castaneda
Joshua Castle
Fei Chai
Ashneeta Chandra
Christine Claussen
Sinead Collins
John Dunne
Isa Elegbede
Patricia Estridge
Shaun Fitzgerald
Sandra Fogg
Sean Foorman
Tapan G
Aurelie Gonzalez
Izzy Goodchild-Michelman
Peter Green
Chuck Greene
Chris Guillot
Liz Guinessey
Akruti Gupta
Luke Halsey
Michael Hayes
Dave Hazlebeck
Robert Hickson
Dave Hillyard
Adrienne Hoarfrost
Jen Howard
Michael Huesemann
Hans Hwang
Tingting Jiao
Zackary Johnson
Raffael Jovine
Ofer Judovits
Cyndel Kelly
Christopher Kenyon
Siddharth Kishore
Phil Kithil
Yossi Klar
Alex Kopelyan
Leonid Kozhukh
Javier Lariño
Margaret Leinen
Evangeline Leong
Bowen Liu
Andrew Lockley
Michael Lomas
Jesse Lou
Bhaskar Malimadugula
Loris Marcel
Thomas kiran Marella
Antonio Martins
Evangeline Marzec
Venkata ramana Mattaparthi
Matt Mattozzi
Mark Michelin
Scott Mize
Htun Thiri Naing
Chaymae Najimi
Kameel Nasr
Sara Nawaz
Merrie Neely
Elizabeth North
Eliza Northrop
Ryan O’Connor
Refik Orhun
Sarmad Qureshi
Eli Rabani
Paul Reginato
John Ridley
Mike Robinson
Mickey Rogers
Jakob Rønning
Darren Roorda
Elliot Roth
Ben Saenz
Terre Satterfield
Max Schubert
Celina Scott-Buechler
Hersh Shefrin
David Siegel
Soraya Silva
Philip Slaughter
Benjamin Slotnick
Sarah Smith
Chinmayee Subban
Ajit Subramaniam
Edwina Tanner
Abhishek Thawait
Vera Trainer
Jesse Traller
Martin Van Den Berghe
Kostya Varakin
Christophe Vasseur
Rohit Vedhara
Luisa Villamil
Marc von Keitz
Ian Walsh
Nathan Walworth
Fiona Watters
Romany Webb
Ori Weisshaus
Nicholas Willis
Mari-Karoliina Winkler
Ella Wong
Joo-Eun Yoon