Coastal Flooding & Solutions, Workshop Case Studies

Compound Coastal Flood Modeling at Surfside-Sunset

Location: Surfside-Sunset Huntington Beach, CA

Submitted By: B-X. Tang - UCLA

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Project Description

Advances in geospatial data quality and numerical modeling have significantly improved coastal flood prediction; however, community assessments do not typically consider compound (marine and hydrologic) and multi-pathway (e.g., precipitation-surge, overtopping–overflow, surface–sewer flow processes) flooding which may simultaneously amplify coastal hazards and vulnerability. Concerningly, adaptation plans, such as fortifying sea walls to mitigate future sea level rise flooding may exacerbate pluvial and wave overtopping flooding. Currently, there is no integrated framework considering compound and multi-pathway flooding processes. The objective of this research is to develop a conceptual site assessment and hydrodynamic modeling methodology that quantifies hydrologic (precipitation, pluvial, fluvial) and marine (high water levels, waves) flooding magnitudes and considers how compound flood risk evolves with infrastructure and intervention in vulnerable communities.

Key Successes

Validated hydrodynamic model, reduced complexity flooding assessment guidance


additional HPC resources would allow ensemble runs

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