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Flood Analytics Information System (FAIS): A Smart Application to Identify At Risk Locations/Communities to Flooding

Location: Nation-wide, example for Hurricane

Submitted By: Vidya Samadi - Clemson University, Assistant Professor

Project Description

Successive hurricane events have brought new challenges to human life, critical infrastructure and the environment in the Southeast United States (SEUS). This study introduced Flood Analytics Information System (FAIS) as a national scale application for real-time flood data gathering and analysis. FAIS has been Beta tested across major basins in the Carolinas where Hurricane Florence made extensive damages and disruption. The aim was to develop and test an integrated solution based on crowd sourced data as well as real time river system Big data for stakeholder map-based dashboard visualizations. The prototype successfully identifies a dynamic set of at-risk locations/communities using intelligent information such as web-based river level, geolocations, and flood peak rates. The list of prioritized locations can be updated, as the river monitoring system and condition change over time (typically every 15 minutes). This talk will focus on the functionality of the current FAIS interface as well as the future plans to extend the applicability of cyberinfrastructure as a web-based collaborative tool.

Key Successes

FAIS is the first application for realtime flood assessment and risk management



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