Coastal Flooding & Solutions, Workshop Case Studies

Observations and forecasts for highway flooding in San Francisco Bay

Location: Marin & Sonoma Counties, California

Submitted By: John Largier - UC Davis

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Project Description

We have deployed multiple water level sensors in addition to waves sensors and cameras to complement permanent stations for tracking water level, wind, rain, and creek flows in San Pablo Bay (northern San Francisco Bay). Our aim is to observe and account for high-water extremes in terms of multiple drivers (ocean, river inflow, weather) at specific sites. Primary focus is on potential for flooding of Highway-37, a major commuter route that connects communities on the west and east sides of San Francisco Bay. Stakeholders will benefit from real-time data and short-term flooding forecasts in addition to improved projections of heightened risk due to sea-level rise and climate change.

Key Successes

TBD (early days & a dry winter)


Field access

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