Coastal Flooding & Solutions, Workshop Case Studies

Resilient Futures: San Diego Bay

Location: San Diego, CA

Submitted By: Angelica Rodriguez - Scripps Institution of Oceanography

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Project Description

A comprehensive wave model specific to San Diego Bay is being developed by combining an existing circulation model with offshore wave forcing and locally-generated wind waves forced by high resolution wind forcing. Pressure sensors distributed throughout the bay are documenting various wave energy regimes to compare to the model for validation. Hindcast simulations will serve as the foundation for developing a predictive tool to forecast water levels and identify events that could impact assets within the bay, directly informing shoreline protection and adaptation strategies.

Key Successes

A key outcome is the ability to incorporate high resolution meteorological models into ocean forecasts.


We are still in the development phase, but so far have been able to address things that may have presented a challenge, such as missing expertise in coding/tool development, computer processing capabilities for modeling runs.

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