Coastal Flooding & Solutions, Workshop Case Studies

The Advanced Quantitative Precipitation Information (AQPI) Project Applied to Coastal Flooding

Location: San Francisco Bay, CA

Submitted By: Rob Cifelli - NOAA

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Project Description

The AQPI project is aimed at improving precipitation, streamflow, and coastal flood monitoring and forecasts in the San Francisco Bay area. It includes a network of observations and forecast modeling systems running in real time. The project is led by a consortium of federal, state, and local agencies including NOAA, USGS, Colorado State University, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, CA Department of Water Resources, and a collection of over 15 water management agencies in the Bay area. AQPI products and services are provided to meet stakeholder needs and requirements. This talk provides an overview of the AQPI project with an emphasis on stakeholder-driven coastal flooding forecasts.

Key Successes

Combined real time forecasts of precip, streamflow, and coastal water levels; stakeholder engagement to shape the project products and services


wildfires, pandemic, file formats, compute capacity, data storage

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