Ocean Visions Uncommon Dialogue


Rescheduled for Summer 2021


The main objective of the Uncommon Dialogue (UD) is to enable the co-development of a roadmap from knowledge to action in the area of coastal resilience and risk management that is shared by multi-sector groups. The UD will identify “mission threads” that clearly connect specific objective and R&D needs of insurance companies and other financial institutions to the intellectual powerhouse available through the Ocean Visions network and beyond.

Insurance schemes typically compensate for damage. How do we go about financing resilience building, moving reinsurance and investment companies towards the support of proactive adaptation? How do we help create incentives to reduce risk? What solutions-focused research is needed for insurance and financial institutions to accomplish their goals for resilient coastal systems?

Uncommon Dialogue is hosted by Stanford’s Center for Ocean Solutions and Woods Institute for the Environment. These events bring together leaders from government, NGOs and business with experts from academic institutions to develop practical solutions to pressing environmental challenges. They equip leaders to make informed decisions for a sustainable future while creating a two-way flow of information, bringing new perspectives and context to Stanford’s environmental research