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Funding science-based startups at IndieBio

March 5, 2021 at 2:00 PM EST (New York Time)

Alex Kopelyan

Alex Kopelyan

Partner @ IndieBio

Alex Kopelyan is a Partner at IndieBio, focused on enabling scientists to build radically transformative companies to solve the biggest problems in human and planetary health. We do this through a four month accelerator program where we provide companies with daily hands-on mentorship by the IndieBio team, access to biosafety level 1 & 2 labs, and a network of over 1,000 alumni founders, mentors, VCs, and industry partners. Founders get our core investment package of $250k, with option for a new $250k addition.

Alex been at IndieBio for over five years, working with the portfolio of 140+ companies with a focus on their business model, go to market strategy, and fundraising. Prior to IndieBio he did a startup focused on behavior change (you can guess how that went, lessons learned) as well some work in social impact and global health.

Talk Synopsis & Video Recording

Introducing IndieBio, a bio + deep tech accelerator for human and planetary health companies. I’ll talk through why now for science based startups, what IndieBio is and how we operate, examples of areas we fund and past companies (add some focus on ocean and adjacent solutions), plus a few tips around early pitfalls and best practices for nascent companies. Aiming to have lots of time for Q&A!

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