Grand Challenges

We are committed to making significant progress on the ocean’s grand challenges:

  • Reversing the climate crisis in the Ocean (ocean-based solutions to thermal and chemical stress – e.g. ocean-based carbon dioxide removal)
  • Building resilience of coastal systems and communities to climate impacts (e.g. solutions for sea level rise, extreme events, and changing habitats)
  • Building a climate-resilient aquatic food system (e.g., aquaculture, including microalgae and macroalgae, ocean-based low carbon diet)

Our Work

Co-designing and deploying roadmaps for ocean solutions that integrate innovations from science, technology, governance, and finance

The Ocean Visions Programs & Task Forces break the traditional disciplinary and sectorial siloes by bringing together researchers, innovators, investors, funders, stakeholders, NGOs, IGOs, and decision-makers to focus on real-applications for ocean solutions.

The Objectives

Through the Ocean Visions ecosystem, our work aims to:

  • Engage all key actors required to co-design actionable roadmaps for ocean solutions
  • Develop the capacity for multi-sector system-level thinking of the most challenging threats to ocean and human health
  • Articulate both the technological and societal research developments and innovations required for success, including the development of novel and/or revised governance and finance models.
  • Coordinate with ongoing local, national and international ocean solutions efforts to ensure a constructive alignment of mission that minimized fragmentation of efforts.